Barcelona is home to one of the world’s best football teams and one of the world’s best culture hubs with a variety of activities, great weather and the best youth football environment.

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Visits to LaLiga stadiums and training grounds

Take the opportunity to visit different LaLiga and LaLiga 123 stadiums and training grounds. Watch live games, get close to the fields where the superstars play and get to know their methodology and their values.

Touristic visits

Avanza Sports will organize one activity per month that will include transportation, meals, tickets, etc. Our students will enjoy the numerous activities that this magical city has to offer. Walk the city center, discover the most beautiful neighborhoods, relax in the beach and visit historical towns from the province. 

These activities will be included already in the price.

Tournaments & Trips

Compete with Avanza Residency in several tournaments and friendly games against professional and semi professional clubs. Get the chance to be seen by some of the best scouters in the world and face some of the highest challenges that a youth football player can find.

Clinics & Master Classes

Train with different professional coaches, football players and clubs to develop in different and new ways. Learn from a variety of methodologies and become a better and smarter player.


Avanza Sports has partnered with Hamelin-Laie International, enabling the two to deliver a Perfect combination of an elite football program and excellence in academics.

The goal of our program is to not only deliver top quality sport program to our residents but also help them become a better students, develop themselves as athletes and individuals whether they stay for one year or decide to continue.