Avanza Residency offers the opportunity to study one of the best educational programs in the world based on the use of learning methods like new technologies, music, art and sport, and a comprehensive educational project that focuses on today’s social and professional realities.

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Avanza Residency offers up to 6 years of sports-studies, the course begins from grade 7 and ends at grade 12. This gives flexibility to the players to decide on how many years they would want to continue with the program. They can start in the Grade they prefer and they have the chance to continue until their High School years are finished. 

We can help our players to find a potential university in the European system that suits their necessities and a football team to continue their development. In case the player wants to study in the US, we offer the opportunity to get scouted by a US college or university to become a student-athlete and get a scholarship.

The medium of instruction at the school will be in English, to enable easy integration of the globally diverse program and student body. At Avanza Residency, our students will have the opportunity to study International Baccalaureate Program or High School Program.


The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) Program provides the possibility to have a worldwide-recognized diploma. It also allows the players to spend one year without losing an academic year as they can continue the IB studies or come from another IB School at anytime thanks to a community of prestigious schools worldwide.

Hamelin-Laie International School, where Avanza Residency program is carried out, is an IB School accredited to teach the IB Diploma (16-18). This Program prepares students to learn and understand the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st century and to acquire an international mentality assuring the highest level of education in the world.

Students take six High Level or Standard Level subjects. The program also features a common core to broaden the students’ educational experience and encourage them to put their knowledge and understanding into practice.

Hamelin Laie International and Avanza Sports have prepared an online academic program that adapts to the players’ needs and follows a North American High School System. The program is tailor-made for those who require a specific curriculum that adapts more suitably to their goals.

The program presents opportunities to learn languages and acquire high school credits towards the student’s academic or professional future. Hamelin Laie provides a tutor and academic counselor that will accompany the student-athlete during the whole academic process.

The pedagogical counselor will interview the family and will give advise on the decision of doing the IB Program or the tailor-made High School program.



Avanza Sports will offer the possibility of studying the internationally recognized UEFA Coaching License during the players’ stay through the FCF (The Catalan Football Federation). Avanza Sports will assess each case to see how this studies will fit with the players’ schedule and will provide the option to those student-athletes that have the time and the ability to follow the UEFA Coaching License curriculum.

Avanza Sports has partnered with Hamelin-Laie International, enabling the two to deliver a perfect combination of an elite football program and excellence in academics.

The goal of our program is not only to deliver a top-quality sports program but to also help our players to develop as students, athletes and individuals, whether they stay for one year or decide to continue